What you should not miss during your stay in our region!

1. Church Tower in the lake – the symbol of Venosta Valley
The symbol of Venosta Valley is quite fascinating and rather like a fable. A solitary church steeple emerges half out of the clear waters of the 6 km long Resia Lake, against the majestic background of the wild Langtaufers Valley. However, the story behind this postcard-like image is far less idyllic. More…

2. Mountain hut Maseben with its astronomical observatory
Winter holidaymakers looking for natural idyll and romantic alpine huts, will find their special winter adventure in Maseben in Langtaufers/Vallelunga. Surrounded by a wonderful mountain landscape, the quiet side of winter can be enjoyed. The observatory at the Maseben mountain hut, situated in the idyllic Langtaufers valley at 2,267 meters above sea level, offers a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of the night sky and the sun. More…

3. The Belpiano-Malga S. Valentino Ski Area
The sunny Belpiano-Malga S. Valentino ski area bordering Austria and Switzerland lies at an altitude of between 1,450 and 2,390 meters above sea level and is ideally suited to the whole family. It is equipped with fifteen ski lifts and a total of 65 km ski tracks of varying difficulties.